Find the Right general Practitioner for the Illness Beyond Your Reach

A general practitioner is a therapist or pediatrician who has received special training in the field of “family medicine”. The received certificate gives him the right to advise all family members in any field of medicine: ENT, orthopedics, surgery, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, neurology and other.

Role of the family Doctor:

The family doctor provides preventive, curative and rehabilitation assistance to family members, regardless of their gender and age. He resorts to the help and advice of narrow specialists only in exceptional cases. For such helps visit

During the initial admission, the family doctor carefully studies the patient’s medical history and conducts diagnostics. He arrives at the reception with all necessary equipment for examination, including ophthalmologic and ENT equipment (otoscope). In the future, his efforts are aimed not only at treating the emerging disease, but also to reduce or eliminate the risk of developing it from other family members, as well as to prevent hereditary pathologies.

To be observed at the family doctor is convenient and profitable even economically. This significantly saves time and financial resources of patients. After all, in case of illness to a family doctor who observes family members for a number of years and who has thoroughly studied the characteristics of each of them, it is easier to put the right diagnosis and determine the root cause of the disease. Thus, the family doctor will help to avoid unnecessary examinations and consultations of narrow specialists.

A personal doctor may be a narrow specialist, but, as a rule, this is a general doctor. After all, today you can get a toothache, and tomorrow – the heart, so if you have a personal doctor, you do not have to search every time a doctor who will help you cope with the ailment. Just call your personal doctor.

A personal doctor is always there when:

Do you feel sick?

  • You need a sick leave or certificate to the school, institute or to work;
  • You need advice about your health for choosing the right food, sport, going abroad
  • A personal doctor is a specialist in a wide range of disciplines. He can be your personal doctor or personal physician of all members of your family.
  • Heredity in the development of diseases plays a big role, especially in such complex diseases as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diseases associated with vision.

Your personal doctor is your personal:


  • Ophthalmologist,
  • Cardiologist,
  • Therapist,
  • Urologist,
  • Psych neurologist,
  • Dermatologist and any other specialist with a narrow focus.


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